Approach Spreadsheet

June 10, 2019
by Mike Instaconnection
  • SNAG-0161

To be successful, you need to have a high level game plan, a macro overview of what you’re doing. You need a tracking system and a way of reviewing your interactions. Each previous set must provide a learning lesson for upcoming interactions. After 1000 sets and 6 months into the future, can you objectively say you learned from each and every interaction?

Use this spreadsheet to start tracking your progress.

This version of Google sheets is view only so make sure to make a duplicate copy and save it with your name on it.

  • If the spreadsheet is completely empty, you didn’t even go out. Find other wings who will push you or get a consultation with me.
  • If the approach count is less than 10, you need to either optimize your venue, be less picky, or find ways to deal with approach anxiety.
  • If your time in set is less than 50% then you are wasting too much time standing around in the club, not approaching enough, or spending not enough time in set.
  • If your group size is too low, that means you are scared of larger groups. Stop targeting only solo sets. Force yourself to occasionally do larger groups. They aren’t as hard as you think.
  • If your set description is too short, you need to practice memory retention and focus on the details of the set.
  • If you aren’t writing down why each set ended, you are not reflecting on why your sets aren’t lasting longer.
  • If you aren’t actively figuring out how to prolong each interaction, you are going to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Where focus goes, energy flows. Focus on improvising and creating solutions.
  • If you aren’t learning from each and every set, your verbal repertoire isn’t getting developed. Try to learn things that apply universally. Some examples include stereotypes about a city, her occupation, different types of girls. What are the characteristics of an Asian Baby Girl vs. a Festival Head vs. Yuppie vs. a Millennial vs. Vegan? Something that isn’t important is learning what she ate during lunch that day. That knowledge won’t be applicable to any other girl you approach.